A father's love for his children!

(First published in The Sangai Express 6th December 2019)
How often were we told as a child the greatness of our parents’ love for us? It became more like a cliche, requiring a nod every time the same was uttered. As time passed by, I got married and is blessed with 2 beautiful children. Many things changed thereafter.
One particular evening, my one-year-old son was admitted to a hospital. It was late in the night and the hospital was quiet and dreary. Luckily a doctor was available. In we went and the doctor inquired about the illness. I told her the symptoms and noticed her nodding and ordering immediate administration of an IV. The sight of my son’s hand being gripped tight and a needle pierced into his tiny veins with his screaming-like cries echoing throughout the hospital was intolerable. I wished I could take his place. Two days and with no visible improvement in his health, I took him into my arms and tears began to roll down my cheek even as I mustered all courage trying to be the only person not crying in that hospital room. Five days of treatment and prayers brought back my child.
Two years later, as we all were celebrating the birth of my second child Jemma, our happiness was cut short by the news of the emergency admission requirement of my child in NICU. She was to stay overnight. At 2 AM in the night, the thought of my child all by herself in the NICU pained me so much that I stood next to her room for hours comforting myself that we were just a few metres away from each other. But it is hard to fool oneself. Millions of things came into my mind. I was a helpless father to my newborn child but was trying my best to comfort my child, myself and the inconsolable mother of my child even as I wiped away tears around and mine too. The uncertainty surrounding my child’s health miraculously vanish the next night and we took Jemma home Hale and hearty.
In both instances, I remembered my last meeting with my father and how we both embraced and cried- that day I realised how much a son loves his father. But only when Noel was in my arms at the hospital and when Jemma was admitted in the NICU, did I realised how much my father’s love would be when he held me in his arms. A father’s love for his child is beyond expression. But it does have its end. Yes, sad but true. The love lasts until life lives. Today, as I imagine God’s love for His children, I feel so blessed and thankful. More so because His love is an everlasting love. We are so lucky!

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