Different but special; Easter Sunday 2020

By: T S Haokip I 12thMarch2020 #TheSangaiExpress
It is the calculation of date for Easter Sunday, which decides the date of Good Friday in practice. Yet, it is the cause of Good Friday that makes Easter Sunday possible. When Lord Jesus rose from death, it was not just the victory of good over evil, it was the victory of Life over death and most importantly it was the pre-eminence of ‘redemption over sin and condemnation.’ His resurrection gives believers the hope that we will all rise from death to live an eternal life. Romans 6:8-9: “Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him.”
Of the many Easter memories, the recollection of which is inimitably mesmerizing, those of childhood still linger vividly in one’s mind. While we would hold prayers and fast on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, on the contrary, would be one occasion which was celebrated with pomp and gay. Apart from the programme at Church, where we sang, prayed and listened to the words of God shared by the Pastors, every household would make it a point to prepare special meals for the day; sumptuous meals of Chicken or Fish curries on the day would be the interesting appeasement which supplemented the spiritual meals.
“He has risen from the dead and He is Lord” goes the song and I believed in that. Till today, never have I engaged my mind in ever questioning how Jesus rose from the Tomb. It has never been my cup of tea to debate on something which I feel are fundamental in my belief and whose cause and implications are more important than the possible explanations, we people want to feed our mind, which is limited in its knowledge and wisdom. So, when some people said, “Do you know Jesus actually rose on Sunday evening?” or, “Jesus was crucified on Wednesday” my submission would always be that it is the significance of the day that “he died for us” and “rose again” which is more important than the actual day of the week or time of the events.
Just a couple of years back, I was observing Easter Sunday with my family, making Easter eggs and making merry. It was not only spiritually rejuvenating but the feeling of happiness among the Children on the special occasion was as plain as daylight; the celebratory vibes were unignorable. There are some other special memories of Easter Sunday too- but mostly associated with the usual activities of singing songs and listening to sermons. Being a once-in-a-year affair the usual way of observation was exciting enough though- at least if the revival of one’s spiritual life is the concern. Added to the lists of the unforgettable Easter memories certainly would be the observation of Easter Sunday 2020. It would, in fact, go down our memory lane as the only Easter Sunday, when people around the world won’t congregate in Churches.
As we stay indoors and listen to the songs and messages through electronic devices, it might feel strange and even unfortunate; our minds will expectedly have difficult times in accepting the facts. But looking from a different perspective, when everything around us is but filled with negative vibes, we are fortunate that we have Easter to be happy about. It also reminds us that God lives beyond the premises of our churches. Let us, therefore, sing those songs of praises and let us give thanks that at least we can observe Easter at #home. Let us not forget to keep the hope that- no matter what lies ahead we will live in eternal peace with him one fine day. Until then, let us keep the faith and be at peace with ourselves, our surroundings and most importantly with Him. #BlessedEasterSunday to all.

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