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The art of walking with adversity

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Is there ever an inopportune moment to encourage people and take the positive path of wearing out whatever is holding them down? Even if there exists one, with all its unlikeliness, now surely is not the time; not tomorrow or in the near future, for that matter. Should we then start singing and dancing while people are dying around us? The idea of positivity ideally should not be woven around beliefs that include hiding the bitter truths; rather it should ideally involved knowing and accepting the facts even as we mustered all hope to look forward.

Months have passed, millions of people have been affected by the virus and Billions more by the effects of lthe pandemic even as we tried our best to deceive our mind into not thinking too much about the virus by engaging ourselves in different activities, while our frontline workers spend sleepless nights so that we all can have sound sleeps at home and millions do not sleep forever in their hospital beds. It is tempting, at least to us- who are blessed with the comfort of assuming ourselves as the heroes for obliging lockdown norms at home, to finally remove the heavy armours of protection and proclaimed the worst is over.

While there is a high probability that the pandemic could last years or more, lockdown cannot stay forever. Already, Governments around the world have initiated the required arrangements for the process of opening up their country. It does give a psychological comfort of feeling unchained by the hackles of a self-tasked responsibility, which we felt too heavy even for our own good. The eerie silence that has befriended our streets are now back to the business of churning smokes and noises, not to mention the beeps and horns.

‘Are we safer than we were 80 days ago?’ might be a question some of us have. While no one would be able to give an accurate answer to that even if statistics are to be relied upon, another question; will we be safer 80 days from now? Or, how many days will it take for us to be safe from the virus? will have the same answer; God knows. What is it that we have then, that should propel us into taking the decision, to walk in this environment of adversity?

We do not have choices but to make immediate choices; one which will decide our fate. Either way, it will not be an easy ride. We cannot continue to be mute hostages to a virus; we could soon lose more people to the consequences of our inactions than to the viruses. In the same vein, we cannot proclaim everything is alright now when lakhs are still dying; our false beliefs could result in more catastrophic outcomes. It has to be a calculated decision one that caters to the economy of our lives and another to the life of our economy.

We are now at the crossroads, where our decisions will have manifold impacts; history will remember what we do now. Unlike other instances, this journey will require taking different routes necessarily, though with the same goal; there is no one size fits all solution. Now that the onus is put on the State Governments, the Concerned states should have no hesitation in the continuation of lockdown in zones/areas where required as well as the relaxation of the same in areas where deemed fit. May God give our leaders the knowledge and wisdom to know what is best for the people and most importantly the power and conviction to implement them effectively as we endeavour to walk ahead amidst the execrable pandemic that holds the world to ransom.

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