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A conversation in heaven about social media trends on earth

June 26, 2020, 4:18 PM IST  in The WriteClick | IndiaLifestyle | TOI

Heaven has not seen such a sudden spike in the number of new entrants as was witnessed in recent months. Tens of thousands ascended every day. The talk about Corona virus dominates heaven so much so, that earlier entrants proclaimed how lucky they are not to have been in this Covid-19 times. While every newcomer has been assumed a Covid-19 victim, some news does reach heaven; courtesy of latest COVID-19  victims who'd share the latest updates of earth. 

News of trends like #Blacklivesmatter #JusticeForSushantsingh #Nepotism and #Banchinesegoods thus has it's way up above. Seated in the corner were; Mr. Floyd, SS Rajput, and 20 Indian Armies. They seem to be displeased with how people, supposedly those who claimed to be their fans, reacted to their deaths. A highly animated discussion was going on as bystanders, composing mostly of  Covid-19 victims were listening to them wondering if anyone remembers them and if at all a hashtag exists in their memorial.

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Mr. Floyd was visibly disturbed as to how the whole #BlacklivesMatter movement has unfolded. 'I fully agree with their stance to fight for the cause of the blacks but the vandalising, the lootings and the street fights are just uncalled for. Somewhere I feel they are using me; to advance their political goal, their communal goal, and now their personal goal of owning a Gucci bag. Also, why do they divert the whole attention from me? I don’t have access to Twitter here, obviously, but I don’t think they are trending  #FloydLifeMatters. For, all placards on the road read #BLM."

 SS Rajput put his hand on Floyd to show him that his feelings are understood. 'Just out of curiosity, do you approve this whole movement- of the blacks coming to the street and shouting #Blm?' asked one. 'Well, to be honest, I want no lives in trouble because of me. All I want is that those guilty cops  be given exemplary punishment. Everyone knows that the demonstration thing now has more to do with politics than my issue.'

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'I still cannot believe that while I and my 19 men gave our life at the border, to save the integrity of the nation, we don't get the due attention equivalent to the loss of single life in the US. #SaluteIndIndianArmy should have trend for weeks. But instead, the people are so lost in their thoughts to criticize or appreciate the political figures that they have forgotten us. I am told, people are busy hating or praising the PM even to the extent that #ModiIstheWorstPM is trending. These reactions and erroneous point of convergence are not what we died for,’ laments a Colonel of Indian Army.  

‘But what is hurting most is how the supreme sacrifices of the men in uniform have been portrayed. We gave our lives defending the country and not attacking some Xi's land. I know I am not a Colonel here in Heaven, but it hurts to explain to my boys, what is happening down there. It is not the credit, the recognition, or the fame that we want. We have decided to give our life for the country by defending till the last drop of our blood; we have done exactly that. It is painful how ‘that truth’ is being robbed of us by now toeing into our enemy's diktat- mincing their very words. For Heaven's sake Garwan belongs to India,' added the martyred colonel as his men huddled around him as one of the men can be heard saying,' it is all over now. At least here, we will not be fighting for lands.’ 

‘Look at the 40 Chinese soldiers!' 'Namaste Chinese Brothers!' Shouted one jawan and 'Ni hao!' came back a greeting. ‘'Look at them numbering 40 plus- and yet their president said,’ less than 20 people died.’ How did the remaining 20 come to heaven, alive?'’ mocked the colonel, looking at the Chinese soldiers.

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'India is yet to move on since you left Sushant. Now, they are registering cases against the Khans, the Bhatts and Karan,' said one of the bystanders, who reached heaven just recently. Sushant, also jokingly referred to as Mr. Nepotism boy smiled and said,' You only know the value of something only when you lose it.' As he was about to walk away, Mr. Floyd asked him to express how he felt regarding the whole nepotism movement. And yes, ‘Did you kill yourself or somebody, you know...?' asked Mr. Floyd.

 'Who am I to take life or create life. And who am I to prolong my life when it is not required. I will not dwell into your question of how I reach here. But, as you have said, I feel the whole issue of Nepotism is a little blown out of proportion. To the level that they cared about me, I was Ok. But I do not want them to fight people with the belief that they are doing it for me,’ added Sushant. 

On being asked what would be his suggestion to resolve #nepotism in the film industry, he said, ‘There exists nepotism as I said, even when I was on earth. But instead of banning some particular production house or actors, the public should start appreciating talent and not name. That is when the real movement will start. Believe me, this whole social media trend of #justiceforSushant which many people who came in recently here informed me of, will soon fade away. The memories they have of me too will wither away as time passed. It is neither a call for justice nor a cry of #nepotism that will bring a solution.’

‘If they must, they should start rewarding people of true talents with super hit viewership at the Box Office. I remember an instance when I was literally begging to my fans to watch my movies. Had all these affections been shown that instance, I could still be, you know. No one knows. There may be many more like me; it is time to let the box office Judge,’ said the actor of soon to be released film #DilBechara.

A deep silence followed. An angel appeared and reminded them, ‘Guys! We are in heaven; stop all those earthly talks. Come on, let us join the Chorus.’ All of them smiled and heeded the voice. 'If only they could hear us and follow what we want instead of delivering what they want for us,' said Mr. Floyd, who is no longer labelled ‘black’ in heaven. 'Well, that exactly is why there is a demarcation of heaven and earth and life and death. We live to die and we die to live, eternally,' said someone whose fans increased by the day on earth as is in heaven- among the stars he loved since he was on earth!

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