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Of flowers and women

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Though we are not certain of the presence of roses and daisies in the Eden Garden, there is a mention of the presence of ‘tree that is pleasant to the sight’ in the book of Genesis. For centuries, flowers have been attributed to romance and it is said that centuries ago tulips were more precious than Gold in Holland. Women could thus be forgiven for attaching so much importance to flowers.
“How can you say that you love me when you have never brought me a flower,” said someone I love to the core. The effort rendered to prove my love bereft the necessity of a plant ‘pleasant to the sight’ was comparable to any mission-impossible tasks one could remember. The matter was put to rest only after an assurance that it will be bought the next day. What is interesting is the fact that the level of importance men gave to flowers is equal to what is given by women, if only measured from opposite ends. I forgot to bring home flowers again and it is anybody’s guess the ensuing atmosphere at home.
I’d often invest precious hours in thoughts to find a clue for the reason of that special connection between flowers and the fairer sex. What is common in both is ‘beauty’- pleasant to the sight. ‘There are many other beautiful creations’ is a fact which will only throw a monkey wrench into the supposed new found reason of mine and therefore purposefully ignored. Beautiful while they bloom and ‘the most beautiful of them all has thorns’ is a fact true in its literal sense and its metonymic implications.
I finally got her a bouquet of beautiful Red Rose. The satisfaction in witnessing her wide smile and her disbelief was worth the money. She removed all the flowers from the wrap and placed in one glass-vessel filled with water to the brim. I was shocked to learn that the flower lived more than a week- retaining its beauty all those times. By the 2nd week, regular changes of water in the vessel and sprinkling of water could not slow down the withering process. It eventually dried up only to be thrown into the dustbin. I noted something of great importance.
While my first observation correlates the flower and women with beauty, which was all exciting, the thoughts that occurred to me in the second instance were about the relationship of flowers and romance, which can also imply to that of beauty and romance. Flowers, beauty, and romance are all pleasant, even to the extent of rejuvenating an unredeemed soul filled with despair; showing the reason to look at the beautiful side of life to a man who has lost all hope. The sad part is that none of them lasts an eternity. A full-blown flower with all its beauty lasts only weeks; beauty-with all its romance be that of a flower or woman has a natural process of withering, it cannot avoid obliging.
Realizing the value of something, which is short-lived, makes me understand why women love flowers to a great extent. It may be beauty, it could be romance, but the impending reality of the only few weeks such a beautiful creation has in its dominion must have stolen their hearts. I began to fall in love with flowers and women and guess what? – Romance follows them. We all will perish someday and we all know, that someday will arrive in the blink of an eye. It is worth learning from the flowers and women that, ‘no matter how short your time, bloom it with grace and beauty.’ Let us all spread the beautiful side of ours, like the flowers, in this garden of life


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