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Mrs. Reality and Mr. Dreams need me!

April 3, 2020, 1:19 PM IST  in The WriteClick | Lifestyle | TOI
“Everything will be all right. Irrespective of what happens around you, you are destined to succeed in life; you just need to have a positive attitude,” said Mr. Dreams. “The power of mind is so great that in fact what one has in one’s mind and thoughts are eventually the outcomes in one’s life. ‘Think great and have great’ should be the mantra. Indeed those who have cheerful outlook have lesser chances of contracting even pandemic viruses'” he added.
“Do you mean to say that thoughts and positive attitude alone will bring food for a hungry person? Or, for that matter, will positive thoughts heal a man with a dreadful disease or prevent him from being affected? It is in fact this false belief of encouraging oneself with the idea that things will be alright as time goes by that makes people ignorantly disregard the glaring facts and put-off them to take necessary efforts to meet their goals. It is this false mindset that emboldened some people to believe that they will end up being a millionaire just by thinking of it while the thought actually ruins them. Knowledge of facts helps us in taking realistic plan and action. As for your advice of maintaining a ‘Cheerful outlook’ to prevent a pandemic, I would suggest you to use a mask not just as a protective shield against the virus but to hide your look, which normally should not be cheerful when Lakhs of people are dying,” said Mrs. Reality.
Mr. Dreams replied: “Come on! You have to confess that there are things beyond our knowledge. The universe is governed by something ahead of our power. The world has witnessed many events but eventually everything gets resolved over time, by default. Contrary to our beliefs, our actions have little impacts. It is but the mind which decides our failure and success. Even in the face of defeat, saying ‘we will overcome it no matter what’ will eventually help us do it. The whole idea is to ignore negative thoughts and negative happenings around us but to focus only on positive things. Believe me; the universe has its own way of rebooting itself.”
“So, basically what you are saying is we don’t have to do anything on our part? As for me, I will make sure that before I sleep, there are foods for tomorrow. I cannot be naive enough to not notice telling signs around me; whether positive or negative. I will continue reading the news even if it tells a story of thousand people dying because that will not only update my knowledge but also help me prepare and take informed decisions,” said Mrs. Reality.
As I observe Mr. Dreams and Ms Reality debate, I cannot help but agree to Mrs. Reality’s concern of the menace of just ‘dreaming for the best’ without taking into consideration the facts going on around; not taking preventive measures as well as avoiding preparatory efforts to achieve desired goals. Regardless of what is our plan, we need to mull over details around us; some bitter yet necessary too. Mr. Dreams too have a legitimate point when he talks about the power of mind and the need to have positive attitude towards the future for things to get better. Because irrespective of the efforts we put, without picturing a beautiful world ahead, there could be times when facts could make us depressed and anxious as we wither away in the process.
Just when I was trying to leave the house, Mrs. Reality and Mr. Dreams both cried in chorus, “Mr. Hope please don’t leave us.” ‘It is you Mr. Hope that, in spite of the unimaginable gloom that surround us, I have reasons to look forward and trust Mr. Dream. Without you, Mr. Dreams would be long gone and I know I do not want a life without Mr. Dreams either,” said Mrs. Reality. Mr. Dreams smiled, as always, and said,” I know my whole existence depends on you. My life would be meaningless without you,
Mr. Hope. I must also admit that while I promise all the good things, ignoring Mrs. Reality and not working with her altogether could make me just a fantasy.”
I don’t know which of the two needs me more but I am sure that for a healthy correlation between Mrs. Reality and Mr. Dreams I have a huge role. To sum it up,
“Without Mr. Hope, Mrs. Reality is too bad and suicidal whereas Mr. Dreams is too good and useless, if not dangerous.”

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