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Being Positive with hope amidst #CoronaFear

March 31, 2020, 8:43 AM IST  in The WriteClick | India | TOI
The numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19 keep increasing like runs in a 20-20 Cricket match; only that in cricket the addition of runs lasts for only specific overs. In just a week, the United States have reported 100,000 positive cases. We are not certain how long will this fight against the virus go. Lockdowns are in-place in most affected countries; almost all countries are now affected. We are in a situation where fear dominates over everything else. We, in India took the virus seriously only after ‘Janta Curfew’ and the announcement of National Lockdown. Even during the Janta curfew, there were instances where people in group thronged the streets, and not from their balcony as advised, much to the dismay of the concerned authorities. However, post the Prime Minister’s Lockdown speech, we realized, for the first time that the virus has reached our country; our state and our city. “It is good to be scared now, than repent later” said one observer. While the concept of having fear factor which will help us take the situation more seriously is surely without doubt, there are glaring concerns as to how, prolonged panic and fear could affect us. We cannot be host to the virus of fear. There has to be a balance. Can’t we be serious without fearing?
The moment the Prime Minister declared national lockdown for 21 days, the first thing that occurred in the minds of everyone was, what will we eat? And when that is sorted out, at least by some if not all, we tend to worry for the poor and daily wage labourers and wondered, ‘what will they eat?’ When the Finance Minister announced packages worth Rs. 1.7 lakh crore for #CoronaCombat mission, some apprehensions, if not all, for the poor were removed. It is only human to want our future secured and planned; at least for the next 30 days. What is worthwhile to refer here is the Prime Minister’s announcement of “We will have to sacrifice 21 days so that we do not go back 21 years”.
The National lockdown should not be viewed as some sort of authoritative restrictions imposed on us. It is only a contribution and sacrifice rendered by us for our own good. If the situation so warrants, we should be willing to sacrifice more as it concerns matter of our very own existence. The #National Lockdown for 21 days has many people asking what they will do during these times. While there are fairly good numbers of “what to do during lockdown” tips on internet, it is highly advisable for people to spend these precious times in doing things for which they have not had time for it earlier. In this fast moving world, where we hardly have time even for our family, complaining 21 days of lockdown for the absence of any worthwhile task in one’s hand needs serious retrospection on our personal life.
There must be people who have complaints of fear and anxiety swallowing their life. It is impossible to get diverted from the thoughts of Corona virus. In fact it should not be possible; when the world is filled with nothing but news of Corona, it is normal to be occupied by the thoughts. It will be a more frightening concern if one could easily forget the issue amidst global emergency. But it is very important to ensure that we do not let our thoughts get the better of us. The whole idea is to try and take few hours away by engaging ourselves in different other things. Eventually we will be lost in the thoughts of the virus again. But our efforts will ensure that we are not over-thinking it.
Even as we dread the disease, let us not ill-treat any one. Even as we maintain social distancing, let us not walk away from our social responsibilities; of helping the poor and needy. Even as we grin about the lack of medical infrastructure, let us not forget to acknowledge the sacrifices of the healthcare workers, sanitary workers, shop owners, transport drivers, security personnel, bankers and other providers of essential services. Even as we take all precautionary measures, let us keep our faith on the almighty and hope the Government is blessed with the wisdom and strength to pull us through these challenging times
If the news of increase in the number of affected people scares you; everyone is. If the thought of isolation and quarantine frightens you; you are not alone. If you are wondering what will be like 2 months from now; nobody knows it. In this environment of fear and uncertainties, it is our responsibility as human to rise above all of it. The uncertainties also give the probability of the disease vanishing soon in the coming days. At least hoping for it won’t kill us but hoping against it could. It is humanity that can only make a person go through isolation voluntarily with a hope to make the world a better place. While we take all the precautionary measures, while we follow all the advisories given by the Government, while we try our best not to get sick, let us know that Corona is not for eternity. With this hope, let us face the world with a belief that ‘this too shall pass’. Also, let us spread the message that #Staying Home and #StayingSafe can be #Staying Happy too!

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